Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tying Up Loose Ends

I pulled the towels off the loom!  Cut them apart,
hemmed and then washed all of them......
Voila!  I messed up the first towel on length so it stole the inches from the last one but they are good. 
My friend's quilting is done and delivered (next door!)
I built another trellis for my morning glories.......they are looking for some support on their upward journey!
Still working on the special trellis for the bougainvillea--I am having technical difficulties but will try again today!  I will build another like this one for the other side and then it will have a top-this plant scaffolding will frame the guest room window.
The suffolk/bunny yarn is a success!  I have even found a pattern to knit it up from Ravelry, a shawlette called 198 Yards of Heaven (free pattern so check it out).  I have enough to make two more skeins so I will be spinning and knitting another shawl for the bunnies' owner as a thank you for the fiber!


  1. What a wide array of arts in this post!

    Can't wait to come and create with you...

  2. Whoa! You've been productive!!

    So, you don't have to have angora bunnies to spin their fiber. That's good to know. I can't wait to see how the yarn blooms on the shawlette.

  3. You certainly are a busy woman!

    A shawl for the bunny's owner would be a lovely gift.


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