Monday, June 7, 2010


The good news is that the computer virus was able to be eradicated and we met a really great technician who even lives nearby!

It was so strange to be disconnected from computer friends and this form of communication!  Glad to have it back. (We also found out that our phone/dsl connection was faulty and so that has been corrected, too, and look out-speedy is finally a word I will use when talking about our computer-the system is now top notch!)

Needless to say, this is going to be a long post to catch us up!
To recap the last week, Bill and I traveled to Lake City on Memorial Day and while the guys golfed, I spun some wool and played with the grandkitties! 
They were so curious about the wool....
and the spinning wheel.  They are great company.
 Kristen came later in the day-just in time for us to start up the grill and cook up a proper meal for the hungry guys.  Yes, I love my grown-up children but it is such a privilege to like them, too.
We did a lot of planting in the pool area-now that Mother's Day and Memorial Day are past, all the plants go on sale big time and we really stocked up. 
I am thrilled with the color this adds to the planting areas.  Just perfect.

I finally got my thyroid meds adjusted and so am feeling like my usual energetic self.  I am so grateful for this as it was so hard to drag myself through the day let alone having any proper thought processes!  Healthy is such a gift!
I went on a field trip to a friends for some knitting lessons.  I taught them how to make the circular dishcloths; short rows, yarn overs and binding off--->all wonderful skills to add to your knitting repertoire.  The company was spectacular, too, and the luncheon was beyond amazing.  Let's just say that Bill wished he had come to the knitting class also!
Our kittens are growing and learning to trust humans.  They are getting cuter every day if that is possible!
One little guy is going to join this household permanently.  We call him PuffDaddy.  He is the leader of the pack and is even training Nyki how not to be the wicked witch.  (She does not appreciate siblings)
The weaving is so enjoyable. This last waffle weave towel is made using the turquoise weft.   I am nearing the end of this last towel and thinking of tying on the next warp to make some more towels so that I do not have to rethread this warp again.  Some people recommend this, others say it is just as painful as rewarping.  I will have to find out for myself.
I have more than half of my quilt done on the frame, needed to take it off to turn it-when a quilt is so big, the quilt being rolled on the bar takes up too much of the space needed for the quilting so you have to take it off and turn it to the other end.  Easy to do and makes the quilting doable again.
 Since I had to take it off to turn it, I loaded on my friend's quilt to get a simple pantograph done so she can finish this in time for a birthday.  A nice interlude on the frame.  The kitties have learned to help me quilt already-they hang on the inside of the batting and do tricks.
I have pulled out my suffolk wool and
blended it with some bunny fluff (rabbits pluck out their chest and belly undercoat to line their nests -the mama miscarried, so her nest was removed for me to try and use!)  There was a ton of hay, etc, but the fluff is beautiful and worth the work. 
 I ran it through the carder with my wool several times until the batts were blended-it spins up so nicely.    This is a successful experiment because this rabbit is not an angora or fiber rabbit-she is not bred for this kind of use but since my friend has tons of these meat rabbits-this could be a good bonus source of fiber!  Will post a pic of the finished yarn soon.
Bill put up the vents over the air conditioning vent holes.  What a great finishing touch to each room!
He is putting up a new fan in the livingroom, too, but the peaked ceiling is presenting some unforseen obstacles!


  1. Oh, it's so nice to have you back! Although we have talked on the phone, I was surprised at how disconnected I felt with the lack of visuals!

    Welcome back. :)

  2. So glad you are back and good to know you are busy as usual and feeling better.

    Everything look so wonderful. Glad you're having such productive fun!

  3. Welcome back! Sharon and I were having withdrawals from you not being connected! We are in awe of how much you accomplish. Love, Mom

  4. Welcome back! Sharon and I were having withdrawals. We are in awe of all yoour accomplishments. Love, Mom

  5. Welcome back!! We have missed you.

    The kittens have grown so much! Wow!!

  6. ditto from me--I missed you and your adventures. sharon

  7. Welcome back - great to see and read your daily life again.

    Why "Puff Daddy"?

  8. I knew you'd do a ton of stuff without computer! the cats look adorable - at this age it's really hard to decide which ones to let go:(( though I am not too pleased with our cat + spinning wheel - she likes to sit on my foot, but treadling turns into hard work like that:))

  9. Great to have you back online!!

    And you did get a lot done in the mean time. (Somehow I'm not surprised!)

    So much good crafty stuff...I'm still really captivated by your quilt. It looks spectacular in every photo!



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