Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Being Together

Krystle and I got the house whipped into shape to welcome the McKees and then we sat and did some of this to wait for their arrival. (No, it is not an announcement for her and Jared, but it is for a friend who is due next month!)   Bill and Jared went and bought the groceries and got home just in time for hugs!
David and Jared are very similar in personality and they sure did get some great one on one time.
We did a long family pool cool down time and then when the rains started, we came in to eat.
Krystle made another hat this evening-she sure catches on fast!  This is a crochet pattern I had figured out from looking at a picture a few months ago!
This little guy is a hit with one and all! 


  1. I can imagine - I hope he won't end up with bald patches from too much "loving":))
    send some of your rain over, please - southern europe is drowning in flood waters, but the usually wet west of ireland is bone dry!

  2. Cute hats!

    Enjoy your family time. My one-and-only DD is leaving this Friday to visit her in-laws; I won't see my grandson for three whole weeks!!

  3. Such cute hats!!!

    I know you guys have been enjoying your visit!!



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