Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Sewing Time with Daughter

We pieced more children's quilts again and Marsel got hers finished except for handsewing the binding which she will do on the way home......
She is doing this right now......
I put my quilt on the frame and will give it a go tomorrow afternoon.  A good distraction from the quiet house.
I finished putting the buttons on the little boy's sweater!  Now to get it in the mail!


  1. I'll bet it is quiet there. It sounds like you all had such a wonderful time.

  2. So sad that our visit is over but we did have such a wonderful time!

  3. I love your blog with all your projects! I only wish I could knit "real" things or had a sewing machine to play with!

  4. I love the second quilt. The colors are so funky and fun. It looks like a happy quilt.

  5. Love the color combos on those quilts.

    I am always amazed and impressed by how prolific you are - either you have extra hands stored around somewhere, or you have somehow figured out how to add several hours to each day. Obviously you cheat...

    (or maybe you are just brilliant - what do you think?)


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