Saturday, January 15, 2011

Highlights of the Week

 One sock done, moving right along on the second one.  This is a pattern by Wendy Johnson in her book, Socks from the Toe Up.
 The experiment quilt is off the frame, now I need to find some fabric for binding.  I used no batting for this, just the fleece for the backing.  It is a tactile delight.  I might use some satin for binding to keep with the theme.
 It took no time at all to quilt the little mystery quilt, Diminutive Vessels , that Marsel and I did on New Year's day.   
 I used a variegated thread by YLI and a meander pattern for the quilting.  The binding is finished and I even sewed the label on the back with the pertinent info!
 Mom and I got to thinking that the quilt tops we made on Monday needed a boost.  We added some narrow binding from my stash and used the fabric in the kit for the backing as wide borders instead.  Now it looks like a finished top.  That list for JoAnns just keeps on growing............!
 The cardinals sit in the little palm tree and look like camelia blooms.........we so enjoy the birds!
This shawl has gone from the naughty bucket to the frog pond.  I now have two nice balls of yarn for another shawl.  The count just couldn't line up, match up OR behave so I will use the yarn for a different project!


  1. Your new quilt top 'pops' now with its new borders -- very nice. The quilting turned out great on both of the other quilts!

    It's very nice that yarn can be ripped out and used again if it doesn't behave the first time...most supplies don't have that special characteristic!

  2. And I love the cats in the pictures as size references. What, you didn't mean that? :)

    I just love your quilts. They are always so pretty and interesting.

    And it's nice to see green there once again - and no ice! Ice does not belong in Florida.

  3. Love your yellow cat and the socks picture--looks like he is saying--"I think I see a mistake here!"


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