Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let the Games Begin.......

 The guys went right outside to work on yard clean up.  There were several downed branches and some dead trees that needed removing.  Just their kind of work.
 Mom and I set up for a sewing day!  We had a couple of quilt kits that needed conquering.
 This top is mine. (64" x 48")
This one is Mom's.  I will be quilting these as soon as we go to JoAnns and get some batting!  (And as soon as I get going on the one on the frame now and the quilt Marsel and I made on NewYear's....!)
 I dyed this bit of roving from KnitPicks, superwash wool, so I can ply it with the Distaff Day spinnning.
 This is all spun and I am going to try the new roving done in subtle pink tones to ply it with this.  A little different than I usually do which is always ply the same colorway with itself so I am looking forward to how this works together.  I am anticipating the longer color repeats working up nicely for a pair of socks.
A new knitting project is on the needles; this is a mystery pi shawl, clue one completed for the week!


  1. The only difference when you two get together is that you turn out twice as much stuff...the speed is still set at "high"!!! Nice quilt tops (I shouldn't have been surprised to see that you guys finished them already) and lovely colors in the roving/spinning.

  2. The quilts are going to be really cute, love the roving and the pi shawl mystery should be fun for you. It would drive me mad, but some folks can't work on clues alone LOL..

  3. I can see your Mom's big smile from here--let's get started!!! sharon

  4. Your wool will look nice with your spun single, and I can't wait to see how your shawl will come out!

  5. So fun it must be to work with your mother!I love the way the colors compliment each other in your quilts.

  6. You are getting an awful lot done - you go, girl!! The spinning is looking beautiful, can't wait to see what you make out of it.

    Ah, I'm jealous of your quilting talent...

  7. Looks like fun, spending a day with your mom. Lucky you!

    You wool looks like cotton candy!

    Happy New Year Cindy!

  8. Fun stuff going on!!! I love the pictures of the trees. Somehow I'm surprised to see such big trees in Florida.

    The mystery shawl sounds like a fun project. Great color! Love a good mystery!!!



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