Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well Suited

 The binding is all hand sewn, the quilt it finished!  This was from the men's suit samples that is backed with polar fleece.  It is just so comfortable wrapped around you on these chilly winter days!
 I used a variegated thread in blues for the quilting.  I ususlly throw a newly bound quilt right into the washer and dryer for just the right look but not this one.  I am not sure how the 'dry clean only' fabrics would turn out-the fiber content for most of these samples are fine wool or silk.  I think it will just be used and enjoyed for now!
 I am very excited that the orchid (Phalaenopsis) from Matthew (2years ago for Valentine's Day) which is blooming again!  Not only did it not die, it survived the cats ministrations in the pool area but with the cold temps , I have moved it into my room and it obviously loves the south window this time of year!
 Isn't it just amazingly beautiful?!  There are several more buds which will open soon, they should last for a month or two.
 The first Shetlander mitt is finished, too.  This was a slow knit but very satisfying to see it grow under the needles.  (Slow compared to the simple sock knitting I love!)
This is the same mitt, just the other side!  You can choose how you want to wear them-fun, huh?!  On to the second one!


  1. All three of the things in this post are "wow"! The suit quilt turned out really striking, who would have thought they'd make such a good quilt?!

    The orchid is gorgeous...again. How fun to have kept it alive long enough to rebloom!

    And the mitts are just gorgeous...and the fact that they are reversible is very cool.

    A very nice lot of accomplishments!

  2. I tell you a secret about orchids, they like the cold it forces the blooms. They also a better if not fussed with, if you take her and tie her to a tree truck she'll be a happy parasite. I love the quilt and agree with not just washing it in the washer maybe hand wash and line dry.

  3. Wow, the quilting makes such a big difference to that quilt - well done!


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