Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Garterlac Gals

I had a four friends and my Mom over for knitting this afternoon!  Did I remember to take a group shot of us?  No, I did not!  Sometimes I disappoint myself beyond measure.  I invited them over to teach them how to make the garterlac dishcloth.  All came armed with needles, yarn and courage!
We did have a wonderful time, everyone was very cooperative at the stretching of their knitting muscles!
The added bonus was that my Mom got to  meet my friends and put faces to the names and stories!  It was a perfect afternoon.
 Earlier this week, I finished the second bobbin of superwash wool in the pale pinks.
And then, plied the bobbins.  The skein is so cheerful, 450 yards of sock weight yarn and two little skeins left over that wouldn't fit on the first bobbin no matter how hard I tried!  The pale pink that was left over is just plied to itself and is much lighter than its mates.  I will be knitting this into a pair of socks in the near future.
Bill took this photo of the two sleeping youngsters.  It was storming outside and they took full, feline advantage of the down time.  Awwww!


  1. I can't believe you forgot a picture, but I'm glad it's because you were having so much fun. :)

    That looks delicious and like it would melt in my mouth if I tried!

    The cats are so cute...

  2. Sweet sock yarn! What are you going to do with the two wee skeins?

    Something about cats sleeping - makes me want to take a nap. <>

  3. Your grey and white kitty looks just like mine :) Only about 500 lbs. lighter

  4. you've been madly productive - first all the quilts (love the "suit" one, but I think it might felt if you just put it in the machine?), and now the spinning! on its own the just pink one wouldn't be my colour favourite, but together with the yellows and stronger pinks the yarn looks great! and the cats look like they had a great (but hard?:)) day....

  5. Great job on the skeins! Somehow plying seems to take forever, compared to spinning. I know that's not actually true, but it FEELS that way. Probably in the same way that it takes a shorter time and less effort to wait for a cake to cool enough to cut it than it took to mix and bake it, but somehow that last bit of waiting for the good part strrrrrrrrretches out!!

  6. What fantastic colours to work with. Nothing more fun than having some friends over. Must be nice to have your parents visiting again. Hope the weather improves for you. Just to remind are into another day of snow you miss
    Love your kittens they sure are enjoying life.



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