Monday, January 31, 2011

Home Owner Responsiblities

 Matthew came on Saturday for a visit to the grandparents.  He also got in a game of golf with his Dad but doesn't want to remember that loss but if I only had the camera ready to capture Bill's triumphant smile!
We enjoyed dinner at Mom and Dad's and then some games where Matthew perpetuated his losing title; gratefully, he is a good sport!  Thanks for the visit, son.
 Mom finished her garterlac dishcloth and has another already cast on!  Go , Mom!
 This morning, Dad and Bill had to tackle a search and repair project outside of the bathroom.  They had no exact measurements for the septic tank but  a rod works well for hunting out plumbing in the sand-this would never work in New York!  (We grew rocks there!)
 They looked for clues under the house but ended up just digging and found it within just a few minutes.  Good work , men!
 They found the leak, fixed it with some 'GreatStuff' and the pipe is patched where Bill's shovel connected with the plastic plumbing!  This fix brought great relief to one and all because we had no idea of the septic system in place for this old place but the tank is in order and ready for years and years of duty! Phew!
I have finished the Shetlander mitts!
 This is the 'other' side of the mitts as they are made with two different sides.  As I post this, I can see some mistakes on the right side of the right mitt.............I will use some duplicate stitches to fix this right now!  I have found that most mistakes are conquered not by avoiding mistakes, they happen to everyone, but rather by knowing how to correct them!  If practice makes perfect, I am an expert!
The inside looks neat and orderly and doesn't take any digits captive when slipping it on or off!  It is slow knitting to work this kind of pattern but it was a good exercise.

On to my mystery shawl..........


  1. You know, I wouldn't have noticed the mistakes if you hadn't mentioned them. I do like the purple and green together, my two favorite colors.

    And congrats for fixing the plumbing problem. I noticed your pipes aren't very far below the surface. Here, the depth is a minimum of 3 feet due to the cold winters.

  2. Lots of good stuff -- family plus work and fun projects completed -- doesn't get much better than that!

  3. would have recognized your Mother's BLUE dishcloth anywhere--nice job Janette!. Sharon

  4. The mittens came out awesome!
    Septic tanks scare me. I know ours it getting ready to poop out pun intended.

  5. The mitts are lovely; stranded colourwork is slow - well slower than just knitting garter or stocking stitch! Maybe not much slower than K1 P1 ribbing!


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