Thursday, February 24, 2011

By Sea and By Air........

We arrived at Daytona Shores Beach this afternoon, lots of sunshine and a bit of a chill to the water (68F)
 Abigail grabbed Aunt Con's hand and took off for the water.  The waves thrilled her as always. 
 Dad and Mom set out their chairs and watched the kids and soaked up the sun and sea air!
 The kids didn't let the water temps stop them-right in for wave surfing and sand castle building!
for several hours, we had a lot of room but about 1/2 hour before the shuttle was due to launch,  
 the beach became a parking lot!  Everyone came to sit and stand to watch the last trip of the shuttle, Discovery!
 I missed the shot of the glowing rocket stage but was busy watching Abigail and my Dad, as it was the first time they saw the shuttle launch and a dream of my Dad's that was postponed last year and from a few weeks ago!  This was amazing to share up close on the beach; about 20 seconds after you couldn't see the shuttle any more, the ROAR finally reached us and caused us all to 'ahhhh!' all over again!  Just incredible!
 Soon after the launch, we packed up and drove down the beach to Crabby Joe's on the pier of the first picture.  The sea fog rolled in pretty quickly and changed the sunshine to this.  So glad it waited until after the flight!
 The whole gang enjoyed a great meal together .
The drive home was filled with the laughter of tired but happy kids....


  1. What a memorable moment to share with your family, especially your Dad!

  2. You all look so happy, what a wonderful day you had. Your Dad must be so pleased to have had the chance to see the last flight take off. Lucky you!!! Sure is nice seeing beach and sunshine!!!
    Love your new hair cut. Must be so easy to look after. Always nice to have a change.

  3. cool to be able to watch a launch like that! and the sun - I could do with some sunshine and warmth right now.... but on the bright side all the bulbs are popping out now - spring has arrived, albeit not with temperatures like yours:)) and I agree with JudiB - your haircut looks great!

  4. Wonderful memories for young and older!

  5. Glad you all got to see the shuttle. I saw it one time from my surfboard up at Fort Pierce Inlet and that was pretty cool. I'm really glad to see Daytona beach is back to it's old self again! The last time I was there, the beach erosion was pretty bad.

  6. It makes me want to walk the beach to see these pictures, to feel the salt air in my hair and taste it on my lips.
    I haven't been to FL since my son was 5. I miss it.


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