Friday, February 4, 2011

A New Outlook

 Today's schedule highlighted the need to replace the old single pane windows in the diningroom.
 Bill and Dad were pleasantly surprised to find the old trailer actually had intact framing for the new windows!  The men had to remove the old aluminum framing first. 
 Some of it went quickly, other parts took a bit longer.  Bill ran the grinder and scored the parts so Dad could remove it bit by bit.
 Soon after lunch, they had three new windows installed!  Hooray!  Tomorrow , Dad will tackle the inside molding and finishing wood.
 Mom and I endured the grinder noise and knit on our thrummed wrist warmers.  We did minor gopher work in between rows and put on a great lunch for the workermen!  (Temp in the 70's for those who wonder)
I finished one wrist warmer-this is for my sister who hopes she won't need it here when she visits in two weeks! Mom is making hers for herself for their early morning walks when it is still a bit nippy in the 50's.   (BFL yarn with merino thrummed fibers)
The binding is on the quilt !  I laugh at the irony of this quilt's coloring-it is a kit from my parents for Christmas-throughout the years with Bill, I tell him not to wear beige and grey together; this quilt blows my hard fast rule-he loves to blow my hardfast rule; this exception only applies to quilts and not to outfits, Bill.  Trust me on this one.....
A close up of the fancy paisleys.........this is on the couch back waiting to bring comfort to some napper/reader.


  1. It's a little bit sad to see those old relics go, but the new ones look great! Glad it went smoothly.

    Fabric/fiber projects are looking good, too!

  2. I love seeing your renovations. I think that color combo makes for a nice quilt too!

  3. Bill, it's totally fine to wear beige and grey together as long as they're paisley.

    Love the thrums, I have been thinking about thrummed mittens. Oh, and how about thrummed slippers can that be done?

    You all looked so nice and warm outside, how did you get 70's? We were in the 50's and rainy!

  4. So the "train house" is getting a makeover!!Sounds like you all are keeping busy and out of trouble. Sharon

  5. Good bye jalacy windows! We've got to do that in our bedroom...dread.
    It will do wonders for their heating and AC bill. Jalacys are very drafty. The quilt is beautiful!

  6. Pretty quilt!!

    Do wrist warmers really help keep you warm?

    Getting new windows is always a happy thing. I'm glad you and your mom were able to knit through the grinder noise. :)

  7. the thrummed mittens look as if they're studded with emeralds:)) pretty, pretty... and the quilt looks good, even if it's grey with beige:))

  8. What is it with guys who combine those colors? My husband? No. My son, yes. It drives me crazy. He just says that he doesn't care.
    BTW, you won one of my shawls. K

  9. It is funny how colors that look good in a quilt don't work together in clothes!! Great quilt!

    Temps in the 70s.....I should be buying plane tix!


    PS: Thanks for your finishing mojo!! I definitely need it! (And I know you have some to spare!)


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