Monday, December 19, 2011

Home Sweet Home

 We worked at making the rooms into home again!  Fresh bedding and curtains, no dust in the rooms!
 The room looks more spacious with the hardwood floors-wonderful! The picture over the bed is an aerial photograph of our farm in NY.  Bill worked on restoring all the lights/fans and the switch plate covers and then we worked to heft all the furniture in place-can you say Ibuprofen?!
 The dining room is more formal than I have ever enjoyed previously-very nice to have room for all the furniture now.  This set was my in-laws, they bought it when they got married in the 1940's.  Cool, huh?!
The china cabinet is filled with my mother-in-law's teacups and fancy dishes.  Very nice to give it all a good clean and rearrange it tonight!  (The cats added their own decorating touch-that is a turkey feather on the floor!)
 A few minor touches is all we have to do tomorrow-like shave 3/8" off the bathroom and bedroom doors because the new floor added just enough to render them inoperable!  It is so worth it!
I am almost ready for my family to start arriving!!!!!!!!!  Well, actually, they could arrive anytime and I would be ready for them!


  1. Of course you would be ready for them any time but to have it all done will make it extra special. To me, you are truly the Proverbs 31 woman!

  2. It all looks so lovely, Mom! I can't wait to occupy your new spaces! :)

    At this time tomorrow, we will be on our way to you...

  3. That bedroom looks so nice and inviting. The blue is calming and I love how it all looks.

    Don't you just love furniture from the 40's? One of my girlfriends inherited a bedroom suite from that time period and it is lovely.

    You are going to have such the best Christmas!

  4. It looks so nice. Take a deep breath and enjoy! Love, Mom

  5. It looks lovely. Don't you love family heirlooms like that. My FIL made our dining room set many years before my husband came along. We have the mantle clock that belonged to my FIL's parents and a pie safe that they bought when they first "set up housekeeping".
    BTW, happy birthday!

  6. wow, you did it! I think your family will be very happy in your new rooms (not that they've been unhappy in the old ones:)) and enjoy the new looks! give yourself a pat on the back!! (and your hubbie too of course!)

  7. Two beautiful rooms! I love the blue in your bedroom. I agree having older family furniture is so cool. I sure do like the dining room.

  8. Your house looks so nice, and just in time for Christmas!


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