Friday, December 2, 2011

Another Week Rushes By...

This is a potted plant on our porch, it is 6 feet tall and we were alerted to its bloom by the incredibly sweet aroma.
Iit bloomed all week and smelled just wonderful!  It blooms at night and the moths were very attentive.
 How could we know it is December without a calendar?  The robins !  Such a flurry of activity as they eat the many berries and enjoy picking through the green grass for bugs.
 Another harbinger of December, the camellia bushes are in bloom!
 The Christmas cactus is also in bloom!
 On the renovation front, Bill has made a lot of progress this week.
He removed the fan/light and put in a new box just 12 inches over but now in the center of the room.
 This is all the attic space he has to maneuver in  but he did it!
This is the temporary light so he can see to work on the walls....
New studs are up and the new electrical boxes are going in -tomorrow sheet rock will cover up all this week's work!
 In between clean up and gopher work, I have finished quilting Mom's quilt.
 It is just so pretty-I have folded it up so she can finish putting the binding on it when she comes down for the winter!
 I loaded another quilt, this one is an old quilt top that needed to be given life as a quilt!  It is moving right along!
I have a lot of Christmas knitting going on...........I have tweaked the color so I won't give the particulars away!
And today, I put out all the Christmas decorations!  (Still waiting for the fireplace mantel but it is coming!)


  1. Hooray on the dining room progress!

    The quilting on Grandma's quilt fits the 'mood' of the quilt perfectly. Can't wait to see it in person.

    Your Christmas tree is lovely! I can hear it calling us all to the mama's nest for Christmas! :)

  2. You mum's quilt is gorgeous!

    I've never seen one of those plants in flower - it's quite amazing!

    Bill is a real trooper, isn't he?

  3. the quilts are lovely - and so is the tree! I'll look at yours, mine is still a long way out (we don't have enough space, so only put it up very close to christmas).
    your husband would get on well with mine - both have experience in too tight attics:)) whatever it takes to get the job done....

  4. Your flowers and birds are teasing me to get down there! Love, Mom

  5. Love the super stealthy black and white picture of the Christmas knitting! Great idea!!!

    Between the flowers, the Christmas decorations and the quilts, you're making Florida look like the place to be!!!


  6. I think it is funny that robins mean December to you and March to me.

    I love the colors in the quilt top your mom did. It is a very happy quilt and should make whoever gets it warm and happy.

    That's a sneaky way to show a Christmas present in progress without giving it away.

    And what an area to work in in the attic for your hubby. It's a good thing he doesn't have claustrophobia.

  7. I love the quilting on your mom's quilt. Is that a pantograph? I see a heart and a flower.


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