Monday, December 12, 2011

We have Walls!

 The men got to work early this morning and for the most part, I just stayed out of their way in my sewing room!  I want to make some crazy patch Christmas stockings and so to to work.  (I had embroidered the centers on Saturday with the other embroidery work.)
 I just add strips in the sew, flip, press order until I have covered the interfacing pattern then press all the strips down.
 Turn over my work and trim.
 Next comes the embroidery steps-I used a variegated thread so I didn't change that the whole time-
 but I did use all those stitches that usually get ignored by quilters!
 PuffDaddy helped me through all the steps as usual-he did not like the noise the men coming in and out generated, either!
 The dining room has all of its sheet rock up, the sliding glass door is patched and so is the ceiling!
 The back bedroom has the walls patched and the place where the window used to be is also history!
Here is the biggest change-the hall coming into the dining room from the breezeway/garage.  This has always been an open area as far as insulation/lumber and it is nice to see it enclosed!  (The doorway on the right in the hall is where my sewing room is!)  The sheet rock mud has to dry for 24 hours so the men will not be back until Wednesday to spray the walls and ceiling with texture mud!  I will work on the stockings again tomorrow to turn all those crazy patches into their useable shapes!


  1. AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! (that was my yell of excitement) It looks so amazing already!

    The stockings will be so pretty -- isn't it exciting to think that your mantel will be crammed with stockings and your house will be crammed with your offspring?! :)

  2. What a cool way to make stockings!!! Fun!!

    Big house progress!!!! It's funny how different it looks when sheetrock first goes up, and then again when it gets painted.

    Have fun!!! (Or, successfully hide from all that mess and noise!)

  3. That's a lot of progress there. It's going to be so very nice when you are done.

    I love your Christmas stocking. You are so talented!

  4. spraying texture mud inside the house does not sound healthy:)) more like kids on the rampage.... the colours of your stockings look like those in your garden pix, a lot of green and pink (or maybe the colour is redder in real life?) - florida stockings:)) mine are simple red and green felt, so I attached some bells and a few little wooden deco pieces to them - they sound a little like faint sleigh bells now:))
    looking forward to finished room photos - it's hard to imagine how they might look when all's done....

  5. The stocking tops look amazing. That flip and press method is the same as one QAYG method - just do it with wadding and backing!

    The hall looks very different now!

  6. I love watching your house progress. It seems that we both have a laundry list of to-dos for our sweeties.
    That crazy quilt technique would make a lovely table runner or hotpad. Must try that next year.

  7. In love with stocking, more in love with idea of using the stitches that r never used. Is there a pattern or did u wing it?

  8. Oops! Tell Bill house is looking great! You must be so excited!


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