Friday, December 16, 2011

Color My World!

 I slept late this morning because I woke up with another head cold.  I loaded up on the ibuprofen and got to work!  I needed to get to use the tile saw to lay the tile on the fireplace hearth.  Today was the day.
 I had a few glitches but got the rhythm finally and look forward to laying out the rest of the tiles on the wall when the mantel and surround gets installed-they promised me it would be here soon!  I will be applying the grout tomorrow.  It was hard to work on the floor-it is not as easy to do that anymore....
 Bill worked all day spraying the primer on all the new sheet rock.  When that finally dried, we began to roll on the new room colors!   It went well considering it has been a long day!  This is the guest room.  A tropical blue that matches the pool which you see out the window!
 The hall is the same color as the dining room-Sherwin Williams Comfortable Cream-it is golden which I wanted and almost a beige which thrills my husband!  We both love it.
 This room gets the morning sun and it will just glow.
 The hall will shine now, too, as there is only one small window, this will make the space more light and open.

We had the marathon of painting today because the men come back tomorrow to lay the flooring!
 In between coats, I did a little knitting.
 And a little spinning-the bottom bobbin is my before bobbin and the top one is my new and improved work-I see progress.  (Progress being smoother, thinner and less lumpy!)   I am enjoying the cotton finally!
I sewed some little gift bags-I think the pattern is from Hannelore Nunn from


  1. Good job slowing down and resting, Mom! ;)

    The room colors look fabulous!!! The hearth is so pretty, too -- bravo.

  2. another cold, but still very productive! I love the blue wall paint, but this would be a total no-go in our climate, too "cool"... and DH wouldn't approve of blue anyway:)) the colours of your silk hankies would go nicely with it! I still have a heap of them dyed, but no time (yet) to knit them up...

  3. Oh my, you did all that with a cold? I can barely walk a straight line! Wow! You have always impressed me but today - wow!!!!!!!

    (The word verification is "fluills" - just what I have flu ills!)

  4. Wow! Look at you! You can lay tile, now.

    It that going to be mittens out of the silk?

    I love the light gold color of those rooms. Yes, the morning sun will just make them glow. Happy colors!

  5. Congratulations on the new wheel and learning to spin cotton!


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