Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our Christmas Day

 Crafts with the grandkids........
 An abundance of sweets.........
 Plenty of chairs around the dining room table
 The fireplace mantel arrived in the knick of time!
A dip in the pool (74F) and lots of family time.  Christmas 2011 is memorable on every level.


  1. your stockings on the mantel look gorgeous! and I can't believe the pool pictures - we've had wind and drizzle all day and about 5 or 7 deg. C:)) happy christmas to you all and enjoy those days with your family

    Bettina from ireland (where for us "the" day is christmas eve, while the irish celebrate christmas mainly on the 25th)

  2. The pool! In winter? WE only had 30°C (86°F) here and it's supposed to be summer! After at least six weeks (we've lost count) of rain it is so humid it feels like February!

    I'm glad the mantel arrived in time - it looks fabulous and your day sounds wonderful!

  3. What a nice Christmas! I am so glad the mantle arrived in time to hang the stockings on. They look beautiful!

  4. Your going to have to add sideboards to that mantle, if you add anymore stockings. And I am sure you will!


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