Saturday, November 26, 2011

He Asks and She Says Yes!

 Through a series of circumstances, Bill and I had the privilege of going to the beach today and setting the scene for Caleb's proposal to his girlfriend, Cassandra!  The treasure box in the middle of the heart is engraved with her name, inside is a bottle with a love letter.
 After we set the stage, we had to guard it until they happen to wander by!  Lots of oohs, and ahhs! (and photos)
 I had raced up to the pier to get the photographs without being seen-Bill ran and hid by others on the beach.
 There are no words to express my joy at witnessing this............
 She said yes, by the way!
 They are still smiling and so are we!
Every kiss begins with Kay.............


  1. WOOOOOT! :-) Congratulations so much! And what a joy it must have been to be able to participate . . . :-)

  2. Too wonderful for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love this!!!!! What a great story, beautiful pics!

    Huge congratulations to the happy couple!!!


  4. So so excited for you all!!! Congratulations!!

  5. Congratulations to you all. How wonderful to be apart of all that. Sharon

  6. Awww!!! How sweet! And you must approve of the young lady to help set it up.

    That will be a great story to tell their grand-kids one day - How Gramps proposed to me.

  7. that's a cool idea - I'd say it was nice for both you and the couple to be "alone" for that moment, but not really alone, and to have a memento of that special moments for years to come!

    all the best for the new couple - and of course for the parents/in-laws:))

  8. With lump in throat I say great job! Wishing the happy couple a wonderful future! Grandma O

  9. very cool idea. Congratulations!

  10. How wonderful! Tears in my eyes! SIL also proposed to DD on a beach but he wrote the words "marry me?" in the sand with a stick!

  11. Fantastic. What a guy! Hope your relationship with future d-i-l continues to blossom


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