Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Home Time

 Bill started the day doing a chore for quilting frame had worn in the center of the rails to the point of unusable and I asked him if he could grind it smooth again for me.  After working for a while he had a brilliant idea-to turn the rails (two make up the length of the frame) so the worn spot would be to the ends instead of the center and so we took it apart and switched them , tightened up all the bolts and the frame is better than new!  I was so excited to have it fixed, there are no words!  Needless to say, I spent several hours making up for lost time in the afternoon!  (This is one of Millie's quilts)
I needed some light grey yarn for a new project-so I dyed three skeins of this natural colored wool-and voila, just what I need!  It is good to be able to provide for yourself!  I am my own best customer!


  1. So, soooo excited for your new-and-improved quilting frame!!! Hooray for Dad!

    Love the pearly gray of the new yarn.

  2. Oh, I love log cabin quilts! And that was good thinking to switch the rail around - kind of like a sides-to-middling sheet.


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