Friday, November 11, 2011

First Hand Grandparenting

 We started  out the morning with some craft time!  We used the little Sculpey cookie cutters to cut out some fall leaf shapes,
 laid them out on the tray to bake and will continue part two tomorrow.
Bill and David got ready to head out to the golf course while 
 Abigail and I visited our neighborhood Knitting Shop!
 We picked out some yarn and had a wonderful perusal of all things fiber!
 We enjoyed a McDonald's lunch and some play time.
We ended the evening with popcorn and soda and another rousing game of Wahoo and just so I am honest in chronicling the day-the girls are ahead 2-0.........yippee!  (I look tired but it is just my 5th attempt at getting the camera to take a timed shot of us and we weren't getting along!)


  1. I don't know Wahoo but I'm glad the girls are ahead!! LOL

  2. even if you two did look tired - the kids look absolutely happy:)) I think it's great to have grandparents that are fit enough to do things and willing to "experiment" with everything! enjoy your "job":))

  3. It looks like the grandparents and kids are having a great time together! I'm curious what Wahoo is too...


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