Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Building Up Steam

 I was able to finish the Quant to match the mittens for my grand daughter-she will love to be wrapped in the pastel rainbow!
I actually spent some time in the sewing room-it has been too long!  I loaded up this quilt my neighbor pieced and got the quilting done all in one day!  I am pleased with my increased stamina levels!
The borders have a parade of circus animals dancing around the edge!
 I am almost done with the rainbow skittles socks for grand daughter and have the next skein of yarn ready to cast on for grandson's mittens!
And if you remember the story of The House That Jack Built, then you will understand what Bill has been doing; free insulation for his garage but he had to buy a trailer to haul it............
(He will be selling his old junk trailers to offset the cost of this one!)


  1. Love the "candy" socks! what do you guys do in your spare time??? Sharon

  2. Nice to see you are getting back to your full powerhouse mode!

  3. Love your knitting, especially the mittens!

  4. Those socks are so different but I'm sure Abigail wil love both pairs! I will have to look at your quilting close up - maybe I will learn something! We get to play with the frame this weekend - yay!

  5. Haha we have that book (of course!) and I am loving those rainbow socks!

  6. Wow! You are so PRODUCTIVE!

    Your knitting & quilting are both wonderful!

    Your comment made me LOL! Yes, sometimes that table does turn into a magnet, because it's the only open surface! But I can't leave like that for long, because it's had to move the machine when all that junk is setting there!


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