Saturday, November 12, 2011

Filling Every Minute!

Abigail wanted to start out the morning by using her new yarn, knitting and watching a movie, so out with the needles, pop in Sound of Music and knit we did!  She just knuckled down and loved it!  We knit all three hours of the movie! 
Next we went to work to finish our craft project.  Voila!  Two candle holders for the Thanksgiving table.
 After lunch, we set up our sewing station and Abigail made her doll a skirt;
 David made sleeping bags and pillows for his guys.  I was ready to drop but it was only 2:30!

We knit some more, and played games after supper and baths.......I am sorry to report the guys took the trophy for the Wahoo game tonight!


  1. Sounds like a fun, if somewhat tiring, day. The girls still lead 2:1!

  2. Probably because you were so tired, right?

  3. Thanks for keeping the kids so happily occupied! They loved their time with G & G.


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