Monday, November 7, 2011

Conquering UFO's

 I finished weaving all three of the waffle weave dishcloths with my gifted cone of cotton thread.(16" x 32")
 I cut them apart and hemmed them.  (I run a line of water soluble glue between the towels while on the loom  so it is easy to cut them apart without fraying now!)
They immediately go in a load of laundry and then the dryer-I wish you could feel how thick and cushiony these towels are!  Just a huge success!  The thread is a #5 cotton I think so it is thicker than the #8 I used before.  The shrinkage was considerable, too, as the finished towels are now 13" x 23 which is why you always allow extra for your dimensions when weaving!
Bill and I marked out the area where the hearth will be sitting......
 and Bill cut out the flooring.  All ready for the inspector tomorrow!  Now if only we would hear from the mantel company!
Almost finished with one of David's mittens.....ready to begin the second!  It is so warm and humid out right now, it is hard to remember that it is going to be cold again someday!


  1. Ooo how exciting! Looks like the fireplace will be ready for Christmas (and the rest of winter). Those mittens are gorgeous and the dishcloths look great.

    It's warm and humid here too - 33*C (91*F)yesterday and predicted again today. It's still only spring and they said on the news last night it was much hotter than normal for this time of year. We had big storms yesterday afternnon so the humidity is more than I like! Too hot to hang out in the uninsulated garage!

  2. You have forgotten your living in At least you will be ready when it does cool down.
    Won't be long and the fireplace will be done..looking good!! Can't wait to see the mantel. Price of heat here we should be burning wood!!
    Will write email later but news on lung hopefully not as bad as first thught.
    Chat soon..Judi B.

  3. I love seeing the things that y'all are doing at your house. It is like watching HGTV.

  4. You will remember cold when you get to our house tomorrow!!! :)


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