Friday, November 18, 2011


I finished the quilt for my neighbor, so nice to have the machine in top condition again!!!
A lovely panto of paisley.
Finished the pair of mittens and have cast on the ear band to match.

I didn't get greasy once on my day's activities......unlike my spouse-
Bill's latest project-it needs a little work but that kept the price in the manageable rate!


  1. Beautiful quilt--what was Nicky looking for--not a mistake. Boys and their toys!! Sharon

  2. Hooray for equipment that is in good working order...and for new equipment just waiting to get stuck in the pond. :)

    Pretty quilt and mittens!

  3. I was just thinking about quilts....and look, you've finished up a beauty!!!

    Love that mitten pattern! Great job!!

    One good thing about husbands with expensive hobbies/ keeps the cost of yarn in perspective!!!

    Thanks for popping by my neglected blog! I hope to be a more steady blogger soon! (All is well though!)


  4. Wow! that is one big "hobby"!

    Your quilting looks lovely. May I ask where you get your pantographs from? The only ones I've found on the net seem exceedingly expensive.

  5. Love the quilting and mittens, and congratulations on the new to you tracktor!


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