Friday, September 27, 2013

Play Time

 Look who visited!  He wasn't too sure about his first tractor ride.
 Grandpa turned the motor off and let him play a bit.
 Then he was willing to take a ride!  Very cute.  Ashley and I did quite a bit of sewing; she is learning how to quilt and so we cut out and sewed back together......yup, she is hooked!  ( I didn't think to take a picture of the four blocks she got done but we will be sewing again soon so I will do so next time!)
 Today, I cooked up a batch of lavender soap.  The smell is wonderful-I caught a good picture of the gel phase just working its way through the loaf.  The whole thing turns the dark color and then lightens again after it cools.
 I have been working on this hat in fingering weight yarn from KnitPicks.  It is a pattern from PatternFish.  My model is a child's size so the hat is a bit big for her but it fits just right on me!
 The chart comes in this shape so you work the repeat 6 times for the hat.  The G cleff is optional but I wanted to include it.
Look at the cool pattern in makes when completed!  I just love to knit!


  1. Ah, the first tractor ride...a Minota-grandchild milestone!

    The hat is very cool! ;)

  2. That is too cute! I have pictures of my nieces and nephew on their Grandpa's tractor. The music hat is really neat! Have a good weekend! I am!

  3. The anonymous comment was mine. I hit the wrong button with my bandage clad finger. "Sigh"

  4. Ha ha! Yeah, the baby definitely looks unsure in pic 1. The hat is great! Good idea to include the G clefs

  5. big toy for a small boy - very cute:) what another few years and he'll want to drive around on his own! and I like the hat, that would be a nice gift for any musician - or music fan!

  6. Love the music hat - and before you know it, that wee one will be driving the tractor.

  7. The hat is awesome! You are sooo good!

  8. Wow, what a great hat? Do you play piano?

    I have my last day with grandson-minding tomorrow -- my only day of having them completely alone from wake up (this morning 6:45 for Older Grandson) till Grandad returns from working all day (about 2:30pm)! Hope I can stay calm!

  9. He really looks like his grandpa.
    I love the hat. It would make a great gift for musical friends.


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