Monday, September 23, 2013


 Quilting... the table runner is on the frame and I am working away.
 Quarts of goat's milk for my soap.  I measure it out and then freeze the baggies of milk to have enough on hand when I need it.
 I have knitted a bunch of these, in fact I wore a plainer one when a girl, but the pattern of this in the entrelac is called a Quant, from  .
 Quartz.  Not native here in Florida but a transplant from northern times.
 Queen Palm.  We have two of these, one on either side of our sidewalk leading to the front door. (it is 12" tall)
 Quills from wild turkeys that travel through our yard.  Bill brings these in for the cats to play with.
 Qwerty from my cell phone!
 Quadruped.  But wait...only one foot shows....
When I peeled off my sheets for laundering this morning, another quadruped climbed up for a morning nap-it was raining outside and she is a creature of comfort!


  1. What is the calico beauty's name? She's gorgeous

  2. I agree, she looks very cuddly! and of course quilting had to feature for Q. surprising really, how many words start with "odd" letters like q... the one that came to my mind immediately was "question" - but that's hard to show in a photo:)

  3. Great job on "Q". The only thing I'd thought of until now is quilts.

  4. Quintessentially quirky! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

  5. Love the cats--we had one that crawled under the mattress pad every chance he got. What are you going to do with all the soap?? Open a business??--in your spare time of course. Sharon

  6. Quite a collection! I really liked the "Quadruped!" And I didn't know there were wild turkeys there!

  7. Oh, I love your quadrupeds! How clever you are.


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