Monday, September 9, 2013

Obliging O

No, we didn't get to walk the beach last week but here is a view of the ocean from last trip!
 I sat outside by the pool to sew on my oak leaf table runner.
 I have my new Oxford Crocs waiting for a trip north to wear them with my socks this Fall!
 Osnaburg fabric.
 Oranges-one orange and one green!
 Live Oak Tree.
 This is a Fringe Tree but it is in the Olive family!
 My yard is an ornithologist's dream!
 An old, oval shaped vase.
 These are some of the oils I use for making soap.
Pickled Okra.
I looked all over the yard for an oil beetle but couldn't find one but this one looks like an oil slick!

My maiden name is O'Gorman!

I enjoyed the "O" challenge and hope I haven't omitted any great words!


  1. Sandy @My Yellow SwingSeptember 9, 2013 at 10:05 PM

    Oh my, that was fun! My married name is O'Brien and I've found quite a few O's here.

  2. Oh, oi, oooo! You did so well! Obviously you're enjoying the challenge!

  3. Excellent o's! Are those SandHill Cranes in your yard? OMG!

  4. Outstanding! I love the random collection of views from your life that this series inspires.


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