Monday, September 30, 2013


 My little red car.
 The ginger cones are all red in the front yard.
 These are Resurrection ferns growing on a tree in our yard.  They are dried and dead looking until it rains.......
and they they are refreshed like this!  It is amazing!
 I realize I have a ton of red flowers in my yard-I love them as much as the hummingbirds and butterflies!  This plant stands as tall as I am;  we do not know the name of it and either did the woman who gave it to us!
 The blossoms is about 12 " long and flowers all over it at different rates.
 A Red Bay tree that died but still puts out a branch of leaves which I use in cooking!  (Yes, that kind of bay tree!)
 All the bromeliads bloom red in one way or another!
Some only have a little red in their centers to remind us they are blooming!
 Our Root beer plant is in bloom, too.  This flower stalk stands 7" tall.  The leaves in this plant have the aroma of root beer if used in baking, so the rumor goes!
 The Mandavilla climbers are all over my yard in full ruby red radiance!
 Quite by accident I found this pile of rocks in our yard (it was left by the previous owners, not nature!)  but they are specimens of petrified wood and some other beauties I added!)
 I even knit red!  This is a felted bowl with yarn I bought at a spinning demonstration a long time ago!
I have been on  a roll lately, and have spun up most of my woolen rovings but this one is Seacell (kelp/sea weed) and feels like a cross between soy silk and bamboo.
My grandma always cut up old t-shirts to crochet her rag rugs but I wove mine on the loom!
I use raffia to wrap around all my soap when I label them!


  1. Really rad! (Sorry, my brain is on vacation and that's the best I could do!)

  2. Oh, you had a GOOD time with this one!

  3. lots of nice R's to see - esp. all the red flowers! never mind what they are called - they are gorgeous with the lush greens around:) our main colours in the wild are yellows and violets, I don't think there is a single really red wild flower about. red clover doesn't count, because it's not really a strong red... the climate is moderate here and so are the colours?

  4. Sorry it took me awhile to check on your R's. Beautiful flowers! And that CAR! Really good pics!


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