Friday, January 15, 2016

Life Rolls Along

On the way to and from laundry machines, I color a bit.  I love the pencil container from my daughter.  It is out on the table and calls me each time I walk by! 
I sat forever last night and finished the hat today because I did a lot of sitting again at the dentist!
I suggest that unless you are very wealthy, don't need serious dental work.
I'm used to is a viable option. 
This hat is only slightly larger than the grey version for Eli-this one is for Ella;  the hearts turn to blue in the sun....which is presently MIA but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and nice so I will take it out for another picture! 
I am enjoying the MKAL I joined and am seeing progress.
It is good to challenge the knitting brain cells!


  1. I have a front tooth that got broken off years ago by a hockey puck and I have to keep getting the bond repaired or I look like a pirate. Right now I am in full pirate mode because it is just too darned expensive now that I don't have dental insurance. As soon as my SS kicks in next month, it will be on the top of the list.
    I do so love the new adult coloring trend. It is so soothing.
    The hat and shawl are making my jaw drop. You get so much done so quickly!

  2. don't mention the "D" word:( we have had several expensive years, because we both needed some work done. the only thing you get "for free" is having them pulled out - not an option if you don't want to suck food through a straw for the next 25 or 30 years:(
    and the colouring books to me are a bit like jigsaws - calming and no need to think too much - but they take up less space and the cat isn't interested:) and some of the books have really nice designs that can be used for embroidery as well!
    I hope your dentist time will be over soon!

  3. I am an antidentite as they say on Seinfeld. I spent thousands on a tooth this summer and it is STILL causing me pain. I can live with the occasional jab when I chew. Ive got to save for the upcoming...tooth pull IM afraid

    1. That's what I am afraid of-having all the work done and still have the tooth ache-which seems to be a common problem! Argh!

  4. It's the last month of summer here -- a summer that was supposed to be long, hot and dry! So far we've had rain on more days than we've had sun! So it's humid but not overly hot -- today was only 24°C (70°F).


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