Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Eternal Edging

I have been knitting this edging forever.  It is like the song that never ends..... 
The next clue came out for the MKAL on Never Not Knitting and I knit 6 rows last night and when I looked this morning, I wondered what I was thinking!  I tried to rip out the one messed up section but I saw that the mistake in the center was repeated on each section.  It took a long time but I had a recliner day so it didn't matter.
Perseverance pays off.
I put a lifeline in this time so I would have  a quicker way to mark a rip back point.
I was able to go on and knit one whole chart so I got it right the second time!


  1. I feel your pain. I was up all night repairing the sleeve on son's cardi. I was seaming it when I found a dropped stitch. I lost all but a few inches of the entire sleeve in the repair process so I'm knitting like a fiend trying to get back to where I was. No fun.

  2. oh boy. Haven't sung that one in goes on and on my friends..
    hang in there

  3. As always, bravo to you for your sticktoitiveness!!!

  4. As always, bravo to you for your sticktoitiveness!!!

  5. Ripping and fixing is never fun, but your shawl is coming along nicely and you're way ahead of me, since I've only collected clues so far!

  6. Ah, pesky mistakes! Your shawl is looking good nevertheless.


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