Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

We began the freezing cold morning (27*) with a good fire and battened our hatches that had blown loose during the high winds.  At noon, it was still only 36* with a bitter wind-nasty!
We hopped to Dad and Mom's to see  how they were and to deliver this sewing cabinet for Mom.
It fit her machine perfectly and now she is ready to piece all those blocks we cut! 
She also finished one of two baby blankets she is going to knit for her anticipated greats due in June;  from my brother's sons not mine for a change! 
Back at home, I fine-tuned the pantograph I want to use on my RainbowScrapQuilt205. 
It works like a charm!  I have a couple of passes done to anchor everything.
When tired of standing, I worked on the clamshells.  I have the rhythm set for working on them finally;  I knew it would happen! 
Then I finished the day with some mending.  I love to work on mending-it is a personal challenge to restore the rips, tears and faulty zippers!  How about you?  Does mending give you the shudders or thrills of challenge? 
Sunday, I woke up slammed with a head cold.   I called foul!
I curled up with my knitting and box of tissues.
I got behind on my MKAL but after much concentration and slow knitting, I am ready to begin this week's clue.  I hate being behind!


  1. Brrr.....that is cold! At least you made good use of all the indoor time. Fingers crossed that this week brings us back to normal temps with some sun. I need some help in the snow melting department.

  2. Mend, shudder!! That's a 4 letter word in my house! I'd rather make from scratch than mend!!! LOL

  3. So glad you only had the cold unlike us who had nearly 30 inches of snow and blowing winds. Bill worked like crazy shoveling and then the neighbor came over with his tractor that had a front end loader on it. We were both so happy for the help. Great neighbors!!

  4. Glad you were safe in the snowstorm. LOVE the finished baby blanket....that's a keeper!

  5. Beautiful projects. Love the panto for the RSC quilt.

    Mending?! I love it! ...I put something in the mending pile, and when my mother comes to visit, it gets magically fixed. What's not to love?! ;)

  6. I know... it was so cold last weekend!

  7. I hope the cold is well and truly gone now and you are feeling as good as ever!


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