Monday, January 26, 2009

Little Bits

Here are some of the things going on around me and mine since the last post.
Bill filled in the exposed cement blocks in the new doorway.
Dad started framing in the old window/new doorway.
Dad and Bill installed most of the electrical outlets and switches in the south addition.

Mom helped me load this so I could start quilting Millie's latest work, a twin log cabin.
I have been knitting more Russian boot slippers...............
and finished knitting the blank for Bruce's socks and Marsel's lacey, fingerless gloves.
Finished Millie's twin sized quilt and loaded the crib sized quilt.
Dyed the blank so it can now be knitted.
Played with Nyki.


Marsel said...

Do you guys ever sleep?! :)

Great progress!!!

Bruce said...

Does Nyki ride the carding machine? I'd think that would be dangerous.

Everything's looking good, though I think you could get through at least three or four quilts in a day!

Lynne said...

It's all go, go, go at Casa de Delighted Hands, isn't it?

Delighted Hands said...

Actually the pace is very slow; we just get a lot done.........I never feel hurried or rushed!

Jess said...

Ahem.. Marsel and fingerless gloves? I seem to recall her diatribe on how she does not like them in a box, with a fox etc.

Everything is looking so good. I suppose I shall have to knit some of those Russian Boots since you altered the pattern.

Marsel said...

Jessa, you hush. I don't want to hear it!