Monday, January 19, 2009

Project House is Back on Schedule!

Mom and I did some yarn dyeing together! She had never tried it before and we sure did have fun. (The angle of the pic is 'funny' cuz I had it set on the pumphouse roof which has a pitch I hadn't figured into my photo!)

Our skeins got handpainted, bagged and baked. The wool turned out great! The acrylic rinsed right out like we hadn't touched it-grrrrrrrrrrr! I had prepared mom for the element of surprise in dyeing but didn't expect this! I tossed our two skeins of acrylic into the crockpot and 4 hours later it was no longer a cream color-of course, it wasn't handpainted either but I wasn't going to let it beat me! Tomorrow, we will put the skeins onto the umbrella swift and wind it into balls for knitting.

While we were dyeing, the guys were taking out the window in the end of the livingroom and turning it into a doorway . They made good progress and will finish it up tomorrow, too. My Dad and Bill work well together-it is good to see! The daytime temps were mild today (70) but they buttoned it up for the night since the temps for our evenings are still cool-another freeze tomorrow night!-a sheet to cover the gap on this side and 2 pieces of plywood on the back side. No escaping kitties allowed!
Speaking of which, she has learned how to get my attention-steal my yarn and jump into the computer chair before me and then look innocent!


  1. I love the rainbowy look of the yarn (of course)!

    Great to see progress on the house again. The Energizer Bunny keeps going...

    And I love how Nyki's personality shows through in all of the pictures...she looks quite smug and rather insolent in this one!!!

  2. I had to buy special dyes to dye my acrylic; prior to that my experience was the same - colour rinsed right out!

    Nyki is going to be a cat to watch - at least until she learns her manners! LOL


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