Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trick or Treat?

Here are the treats......the results of yesterday's dye day..........
Another treat is the new way I am spinning some more mohair. I got some technical advice on spinning the mohair which will hopefully produce some lighter and fluffier skeins. I carded the roving which changes the way it spins and I also changed the whorl to a lower twist ratio and wow , what a difference from the last mohair I spun! It is good to stretch your wings and try something old in a new way.

Another treat was dinner at my parents and getting whomped (definitely the first trick part) at the Wahoo games and a game of Cribbage................

Bill purchased all the electrical supplies for the house-such a little pile for such a big price! It is worth it since I don't want to live without electricity-especially when it is as cold as tonight is supposed to get-in the 20's! It has been a long time since there has been a winter as cold as this in Florida. (Another trick) I hope this doesn't sound like whining. Shame on me! But my yard looks like it has colored halloween ghosts roaming around! I hope it gives the plants the protection it needs! (No, that is not a fire in the background-it is the rope of Christmas lights in the banana tree!)
Sleep tight and don't let Jack Frost bite........!


  1. Move to Florida and it doesn't take long to become a wuss! :)

    Hope all of you -- people and plants both -- make it through the cold unscathed...

  2. This morning I thought that there should be a 'snow day'. But then I thought about if schools closed because it was cold the rest of the country would just make fun of us some more. We get made fun of quite enough every time we vote.

  3. Your yarns are lovely. Surprised that you had to cover your plants - I hope they survived!

  4. It's hard to think of cold when it's so bloom' hot; 40*C [104*F] again yesterday and more of the same on the way today. Still, I'm knitting beanies and fingerless mitts while sitting in the air-con and watching the tennis!

    Dyeing - that's what I'd like to do except it's too darn hot out on the back veranda where my dyeing takes place. Still, plenty of yarn here to knit.


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