Thursday, October 8, 2009

Off to the Water Again

We spent the day getting sunkissed again.  Caleb did some water skiing and Kristen joined in for a swim in the middle of the lake.  The idea of alligators gave her much pause!!!  I forgot the camera today-I couldn't believe my error....

Caleb and Kristen were kind enough to pose by the boat in the yard after our trip!

We just said goodbye to the kids and I have laundry going so Bill and I can pack an overnight bag so we can head to Cocoa Beach tomorrow!  This social life sure has been hectic lately.

Here is a new bloom on our bromeliad.  They are making a slow recovery from last winter's many frosts.

And here are the finished socks after their refreshing dye bath!  (Jacquard, pink )  I will send them right out in the mail, Marsel!


Deb H said...

Sometimes I think it's good to forget your camera, & live more fully in the moment.

those socks look so warm & cozy. Do you need them in Florida?

Life Looms Large said...

The socks look great after their dyebath. I love that color (same color as before the bath, but now with the heel matching, right?)

A day on a boat in the sun sounds great, but the alligators, not so much!


Jess said...

What a great time you all are having on the boat. Looks like Bill made a good choice.

I think you should take Marsel and I out water skiing. We could finally find out who is the clumsiest of us two.

The socks came out perfectly, very nice.

Marsel said...

Glad you had a fun day, even without a camera!

My feet are eagerly anticipating their new socks...!

Benita said...

I seems odd to read about someone going water skiing in October. Gee, we are hoping to get into the 50's today! :)

Sounds like you had tons of fun and those pink sock look great!!

Lynne said...

Those socks look amazing!