Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just So Much Life!

Bill and I working to install a retractable screen door to the front of the house. It turned into such a project! We cut it twice and it still didn't fit!  We didn't have the tracks installed right, thought it was too wide, cut the tracks and when we reinstalled them we realized our mistake!!  Grrrrrrr.  We quit the work and went to eat dinner!   Bill finally conquered it yesterday.  The door is really made for a wood frame installation not for stucco but we made the appropriate adjustments; just more time consuming!

The screen is nearly invisible and since we are starting to get ready for a temperature reduction, we will open our windows in the evening and the early morning.  We thought Nyki would love to be able to see out the front door-she did; it took her only a few seconds to butt her head against the screen to make it retract and away she ran!  I chased her for 10 minutes and she finally ran back in the front door and looked pretty smug!  There goes that idea-I am going to have to install a kid-proof lock on the door so we can safely use it without losing her every time!

We did get a few visitors  while working on the door.  A blue tailed lizard.  Very pretty but I warned him to stay high on the wall or Bling would get him!

The new teenaged Sandhill cranes are in the yard each day again.  The come right up to us and tease for bread after they clean the area under the birdfeeder!

Caleb and Kristen came for a visit.  I taught Caleb how to make my guacamole.  Always nice to have them around! 

In  fact, when we sat down to dinner in the diningroom, the birds came right up to the back yard  to ask for food!  So interesting to eat  with them! 

I am working on a new pair of is slower because it has two patterns going on-one for the lace and another for the two cables running up the sides.  I usually choose a simpler pattern for my socks but this is going well, and looks so nice.  It is out of a bare fingering weight from KnitPicks, the alpaca/wool/nylon blend yarn.  I will experiment with dyeing it when the pair are finished. 


  1. It's so nice to be able to have your doors and windows open, isn't it?

    The birds are huge! My kids call those lizards 'skinks' and I looked it up and sure enough...

    Nice to see Caleb.

  2. Ooops! What's the sock pattern and what color is it going to be?

  3. Fun stuff!

    Not surprised Nyki figured the door out right away...she's definitely a smart cookie. I imagine the smug look she gives you is the same one Molly taught her...!

    Neat about the cranes -- the adults are usually so much more skittish, but maybe these guys will stay friendly -- fun!

    (Molly says 'yum' to the skink's tail, too...)

  4. You wouldn't believe the effort I recently went thru to see Sandhill Cranes. You're very lucky to have them in your yard!!! (Of course, I will be blogging about my sandhill visit in all of its hardship!)

    That retractable door sounds kind of cool. Bailey needs something like that (or maybe just a dog door), so he's not always asking us to open or close the door.


  5. Guacamole? Did someone say guacamole???
    Those are going to be very nice socks. Your knitting stitches are so even.

  6. That retractable door looks really nice--what brand did you use?

  7. My what an interesting life you lead! Never a dull moment!!


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