Monday, October 26, 2009

White with Harvest

While driving north to Marsel's, we enjoyed the sight of so many cotton fields white with their harvest.  We did see a cotton combine at work on one field but I wasn't quick enough with the camera!  The bales were huge!

The cats are enjoying their time visiting, too.  Nyki is in the middle of whatever we are doing, and Bling is doing a lot of resting.  (See the new piano, too?!)

I am spending tme playing games with the kids and coloring.  (Managing to get in lots of snuggles!)

I finished the handwarmers for Marsel.  I used the lace pattern for them from the socks I just finished dyeing!  It modified well! (These do not look the same size, but I assure you they are-one is just tried on and the other one hasn't been!)

Speaking of modifications.........I am making the socks in the latest SpinOffMagazine but knitting them from the toe up which is my favorite way.  The pattern on the leg is reversed but looks good!  I have started the second one already.  I am using the suffolk I spun; it is so light and springy.  This yarn doesn't full when washed so I have been anxious to knit it up into a pair of socks and see how it wears!

Today, Bill went golfing with a friend, and Marsel and I managed to get in some sewing time.  I put together 2 new totes while she is laying down the foundation quilting on a baby quilt. 


  1. We are filling the days with lots of wonderful togetherness, aren't we?!

    The picture definitely doesn't do the handwarmers justice...they are so pretty!

  2. Lots of projects and lots of visiting - what a great combo!

    Love the cotton field picture! That's something I don't see very often.

    Have a great visit!


  3. There are lots of cotton fields around us here in Florence, but I have yet to see them in bloom! Thanks for sharing your photo.

  4. I'm glad your having a great time. Love the pic of the cotton.

  5. Love the totes and the socks! So glad you are enjoying your visit. Aren't grandkids great?

  6. I think your socks turned out much prettier than the SpinOff socks:) Gorgeous!


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