Monday, November 2, 2009

Returned to Florida

Always wonderful to go on a trip and always nice to get home.  The white camelias are out in full bloom-they come out a full month before the red ones.  So pretty but no perfume; we notice that a lot of blooms in FL are showy but not perfumey.  Interesting random thought.

I finished the pair of long fingerless gloves for Marsel.  She gave me the yarn so I could make her a pair.  I used this pattern to give me a general idea and then did my own thing as usual.  They needed to be l o n g  for my daughter!

I am making progress on another pair of socks.  This yarn is my favorite from KnitPicks, bare superwash/nylon blend.  The pattern (Sheri's posies socks) is another from WendyJohnson's book Socks from the Toe Up.

Bill is off to a fun 'job' the Lord dropped in his lap.  While mowing the place where my parents stay for the winter, a man stopped and asked if he was willing to help him in his business of emptying foreclosed homes and then mowing the yards to keep them from looking abandoned.  This guy works for several banks in the area and has more work than he can keep up with;  is this a sign of the times or what!!!  Bill has been interested in some odd jobs for additional money and I had been resisting the 9-5 grind for him again or worse, shift work nightmares!  (I had prayed for the last of them when he retired!)  This present opportunity is so ideally suited to my packrat husband.  He has to haul all the stuff the last tenants left behind to the dump or to his garage, his choice!  This would be like letting me work in a fiber warehouse and giving me carte blanche to take home whatever I could carry each night!!!  Needless to say, he is excited.  If he gets this kind of work often enough, he can hire someone else to finish the house while he is doing something he enjoys!  He says he might even have some work for me cleaning out after Bill hauls the heavy stuff.  Who would have thought of this kind of work as being so lucrative.  We shall see how this pans out.


  1. Sounds like a fun job--here's hoping you find someone who left behind their stash of yarn and fabrics. Sharon

  2. Wow, Sharon, wouldn't that be a wonderful bonus!!!

  3. Or even better a loom ::ah one can hope:: My BIL started a company for this type of work over a year ago, and he's had to hire employees, it's good for him, but very scary that there are so many foreclosures. Good Luck and enjoy the hunt.

  4. So are you going to have an extra garage built for his treasures?

    Pretty gloves, love the color. Can't wait to see what color the socks are going to be.

    Welcome back, it's cooling off...

  5. You know, I rather envy him this job. My dad was a pack rat and I'm just a chip off the old block. My attic, barn and garage are proof of it.

    So, are you going to dye the white socks or leave them white?

  6. Sounds like a neat opportunity! Glad the Lord's opened it up! :o)

  7. That sort of jobs sounds like fun and something right up your husband's alley too. :D Maybe he can salvage some stuff and sell it on Craig's list if he can't use it himself. You give me a call if you get the fabric/fiber warehouse job and need help. ;)

  8. The gloves are gorgeous! Thanks, Mom. :)

    The camellias are gorgeous, too. It's still hard to believe that they don't smell as nice as they look!

  9. Glad you made it back home to Florida! Some one has to live where it's warm!!

    Interesting about your husband's job. I'm from a family of packrats, so the job sounds intriguing and scary at the same time. (I still envision my grandmother's overfull house as my parents moved all of their stuff into it. Yipes!)

    The flowers, gloves and socks are all beautiful!



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