Saturday, November 21, 2009

Entrepreneurism at Work

Our local Walmart has remodeled and hence, lost their craft department.  A local lady knew this was a blow to all the area quilters/crafters so she opened a store to fill the need!  This is going to be a regular stop for me from now on!  She even has yarn and general supplies.  We were there as they opened and it was a constant flow of women just thrilled with this new adventure.  There are no stores to purchase fabric within an hour in any direction so while the economy is tough, I think she is going to do well.
Nyki loves the ladder......she buzzes Bill the whole time he is working.  When she is tired out, she curls up and takes a nap......the flash of the camera disturbed her-can you tell?!


  1. Wow - no fabric store within an hour. That's a surprise to me.

    Our local Walmart closed its fabric section too, but I thought it was because of the newly expanded Joann's Fabrics, plus AC Moore and Michael's having yarn that competes with Walmart's yarn.

    Glad a new store opened up near you!


  2. I love small, local fabric stores (There's even one walking distance from my apartment.) They always seem to have nicer fabrics and better selection than the big chains.

  3. Our WM's craft section has shrunk considerabley and no other store to fill in for it. This is a GREAT addition to your community! I hope it does well.

  4. I can see where you are going to take your Mom when she gets there. Sharon

  5. lucky you, I could do with a local yarn and/or fabric shop:(( all we have is a shop (cum old pub:)) that offers grizzly acrylic in the most awful colours and 2 or 3 fabrics - in orange, white and green:((( there must be a flag maker living close by...

  6. Hooray for local fabric/yarn shops! Molly has always loved our ladder, too...there's something about cats and heights.

  7. I hope the new store does well.

    Cats always seem to like the highest place; Tomodachi likes the top of the microwave [for dyeing] on the back veranda - it's the highest place he can sit!

  8. That makes me so happy to see someone filling a need. I hope her store is a huge success!


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