Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Ida

We planted a bunch of things in preparation for the big didin't happen like we hoped but we did get 2/10ths of an inch last night and it helps.  This was the end of a long line of these plants (5' tall) that had grown over the path at a friend's home.  We trimmed it off and planted it in our hedge-Bill's truck sure came in handy!  We don't know the name of this yet but I will look it up.

The other day, I relieved another friend of some rose plants ( and a few other bonuses!)  We set these out to beautify the south addition where I want a lot of color and blooms.

We had enough plants to put several under each window down that side of the house.   We will expand the plantings to cover the whole end of the house but this is a great beginning!
This is the east end of our bedroom-the new plants we bought a few weeks ago and some transplanted mexican petunias which were in too much shade where we had them and they will look nice with the blue of the plumbago plants here.

While I was taking these pics, I heard a little meow.  After a bit of searching, I found Bling about 12' up in this vine that grows in our hedge.  (It is an ancient trumpet vine.)  He used to run up this all the time but we have not seem him climb it in a long time.  He looked very smug and napped for several hours up there! 

On the crafting front, I decided to set the lace shawl aside until I finished the  two pair of socks I had started!  It is growing nicely but I didn't want any other projects nagging at me while I worked on it so has been  backburnered for a day or two.

I finished the other 'dyed yarn cake' sock.  I will have to spin up some more of the suffolk fleece so I can make more of these!  The yarn is so stretchy and will not felt when washed so hopefully it will hold up well to wear, too.

 Once these were done, I started back on the bare yarn to finish up the WendyJohnson pattern.  Gratefully, I leave nice notes to myself so I knew where to start the heel, etc so that it matches the first one!  I will finish these up tonight after church as we are out of popcorn, a Wed. night tradition! :'(

I have a new quilt on the frame and am doing free motion feathers!  Thanks for the inspiration, Deb!  I have wanted to make these for a while now but like most things new, it is easy to freeze up and think too much about it!  I just set the needle to the fabric and began to sew......I knew what it should look like and by the end of this quilt, I will have a ton more skill than wishes!  I found that I prefer to quilt in one direction better than another and am not letting myself do that; I will quilt in whatever direction I find the block requires and while I am awkward at first, it is getting better.  I like the work and am pleased with the progress!

Bill is off to deliver the scaffolding back to the contractor (who has failed to pick it up for months)....the yard is almost recovered from the yard sale!   


  1. That big plant you planted is really beautiful. I love those leaves!!

    Lots of good crafty stuff going on at your place!!


  2. My favorite part (of course) is the free motion quilting -- it's so beautiful!!! I am inspired (now to get another quilt cut, pieced, and sandwiched so that I can get to the best part!). :)

    Love the picture of Bling...and the new plants all have lots of promise, too...

  3. wow-when do you find time to eat? Love the socks and the quilt. Sharon


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