Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Down for the Count

But not out entirely!  What a few days can do to a person! 

First off, I have had it with being a sock designer-this urge to put butterflies on a pair of socks for Abigail is a complete failure.  I have ripped out and redone too many times to feel the love for this idea any more!  I am going to pick a pretty lace pattern for the top and admit defeat.  To top it off, while knitting it for the umpteenth time at the doctor appt on mon morn, I got a chatty lady next to me which totally blew the concentration level.  I put it away and chatted.  When I pulled the sock out when I was in the exam room waiting for dr to show up, I realized that when I had stuffed the sock back in  my purse, I had gotten ink from my pen on the yarn-a quick wash at their sink only made it worse.  Are you sensing my angst over this sock?!!  To top it off, I passed out while the dr was removing several moles (12!) and couldn't pull myself together so they had to call Bill and get him to take me home.  Where I took another 4 hours to get upright again.  Just a glitch in the whole realm of things but sure did put the schedule out of kilter.  I had gone to the dr for a UTI and a flu shot but got a bonus, you think?!

Yesterday, I took my friend and neighbor to the hospital for outpatient surgery-she wakes right up after anesthesia-I have to admit, I am amazed at her fortitude.  I fail miserably at the revival mode after surgery!  After 2 hours of knitting on the above sock-I ripped it out for the last time.  I am finished with it.

Played catch up at home in the afternoon, laundry, and cleaned up spots were necessary for my sons and Kristen's visit tonight-I am just a flurry of activity today so I can enjoy their company when they arrive!
In between baking today, I am trying to put together a 'boot' so that a friend can slip it over his surgical boot after his foot surgery today.  I have done this for Bill in the past so I think I can do this pretty quickly today.  I am feeling like I belong to the world of the living so it is a good beginning to the day!

We got this in the mail-popcorn that Bill orders online.  What a way to celebrate tonight after church .  (You just can't go back to Redenbackers after this! )


  1. Glad you're up and at 'em again...we do adventures well, don't we?!

    Rip out the sock and have fun throwing the yarn across the room -- some things just aren't worth the stress!!!

  2. Sorry about the medical and sock trauma!! Glad that you're mostly over both of them.

    That popcorn looks fantastic. I love popcorn. Might have to order some myself!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!



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