Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Stuff

The yard sale was not as vigorous as years past but we did make $100 so it was successful as far as I am concerned.  Today, Bill took the rest of the stuff to a secondhand store, the junkyard and the dump. 

On Saturday, I finished weaving the second t-shirt rug pretty quickly and got it fringed.  (Finished 24" x 42" )

Then out to the front yard to knit and answer questions to the people who stopped by the yard sale.  Relaxing to say the least, and Bling liked me bringing my lap outside for his snuggling pleasure.  I knit around him......  The lace shawl needed too much attention so I took out the wool I had dyed in the crockpot and began another sock from the SpinOffMagazine and it worked up beautifully and quickly.  The ball was lighter in the middle and darker as I neared the outside of the skein-what a fun result of my serendipitous dyeing. 

I went to the eye doctors this morning for a follow-up appointment after my glaucoma laser surgery in June-horray  that I didn't experience any closing of the hole they left in my eye for pressure regulation!  (Thank you Lord  for the good report;  I am usually the 'one out of 1,000' who has the weird side affects or problems if there are to be any but not this time!!)


  1. Inspired by your Tshirt rugs, I've started my own Tshirt stash.


  2. The rug is very cool, and the socks are beautiful. I love how the colors go from faded to bright!

  3. I love the sock color, they'll go very well with jeans. The t-shirt rug is nice, do you do something with it to keep it from sliding on the floor?

  4. And here I was going to take all of my old pajamas to good will! I now have a whole new use for them! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. PTL for the good report on your eye!

    Lighter on the inside, darker on the outside - that makes sense!

  6. Great news from your doctor!! I like the t-shirt rug, gives me yet another idea. The sox ROCK love the color effect very KEWL!

  7. Congratulations on the eyes! With what we do, losing your eyesight is not an option!

  8. What t-shirt theme you got going now. Remember Grandma Coon always crocheted rugs from t-shirts? love, Mom


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