Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Can Do That!

I was disappointed not to have the right color of strapping I wanted when at the store.

 Then it hit me, I could dye the white webbing any color I wanted!  I dyed it with Rit dye, it is almost a perfect match!

I finished spinning the Molly enhanced yarn (merino with Marsel's cat fur brushings) and now will knit it into a little pouch.  Note the break on my spindle shaft?!  Nyki was determined to terrorize help me ply this on the spindle and in one giant leap tackled the spindle to the floor and it broke the glass shaft......I was not happy and she realized it by my yell of, " Oh, No!!!!!!"  I have glued the shaft and buffed it with my dremel so hopefully it will still work! 


  1. Good idea to dye that webbing! Nice bag!!

    What is it with pets and glass?? Hope the spindle works again now that you've repaired it!


  2. When is a cute kitten not so cute?! ...was she ashamed of herself or happy to have your attention, albeit negative?!

    Love the yarn, it's very 'Molly'!

  3. What is a dremel? The bag is lovely and wonderful idea with the strapping (sounds like something kids are afraid of...)

    I have turquoise and peach bags if you're interested, I've been saving them for you.

  4. Oh dear, Nyki would not have been a popular cat at the time! Glad you were able to mend it and I hope it lasts.

  5. Brilliant! Er, both the spindle and the bag. :-) Don't you love those Simpson's-type epiphanies?

    I'm waiting for the day when I can weave something which is actually good enough to show to the general public. (Of course, that means I actually need to *weave* . . . ;-), so in the meantime I think I'll live vicariously through you. :-) )

  6. argh, I think I'll only spindle spin when the cat is out... we seem to have a cat now, which turned from being an occasional visitor to a constant companion - but so far she only watched my wheel turning - totally mesmerized:)) I was waiting for her to jump on the flyer or maybe move her paw to touch it, but she seems to have sense enough not to try....


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