Thursday, October 22, 2009

Peaceful Activities

I had the pleasure of weaving four tote bags ; now to tie off the fringe and sew them up.

One fingerless glove done using the lace pattern from the socks I completed.

Said socks waiting for their dye bath.  I am going to try to put them on a form and then spot dye them instead of using an immersion bath.  That is the plan for today anyway!

When we went to town yesterday, we bought a replacement for our printer and the scanner-I reduced 4 cords down to 2 and have a delightfully easy new copier/scanner/printer!  I almost went crazy untangling the mass of cords doing this but now they are all labeled, organized and neat.  (I realize this will be a tempory fix because  like Christmas tree lights, they do become mysteriously tangled up while they lie inert!)


  1. I love the bags, could you do a tutorial on how you sew them up. I'd really love to see it.

  2. Nice work!! Lots of soon-to-be finished totes! (What do you do with them all?)

    The socks came out great - and I look forward to your adventures with dyeing!

    Good plan to make fingerless gloves with that lace pattern - that will show it off even more!

    I love my printer/scanner! Hope you'll have good luck with yours too!


  3. Productive again! Sooooo, why dye the socks and not just knit them with that color yarn?? Just curious since I am not a knitter.

  4. Hmm! One of life's little mysteries!


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