Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home Routine

Do you know that you have to be home to fringe?!  I finally finished the twisted fringe on the bamboo shawl!  I twisted two sets of two strands so it is very fine to reflect the drape of the rest of the shawl. (77"x16")

 It is so soft and airy; the texture really bloomed after releasing it from the loom's tension and even more so  after washing!  I think this one could be a repeat weaving project in another color of the Aunt Lydia's bamboo.  (This is the Budget bamboo Shawl from the Sept/Oct issue of HandWoven magazine by Madelyn Van Der Hoogt)

The sock is moving right along considering.......I didn't do another repeat of the cable for the back , but rather the lace which I enjoyed much better than the cable knitting.   (This pattern is from Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up  book; Lace and Cable Sock)

And I am racing to the finish on the quilt.........just have the borders to do on all four sides.

All ready to thread a new warp on the loom; some plastic bags will be used for the weft!


  1. Love the shawl!! (And it looks great hanging outside with that tropical background!!)

    You're a fast knitter!! Socks take me forever.

    The quilt seems just right for this time of year.

    Nice to see a loom from New Hampshire in a southern setting!!! Looking forward to your next warp!


  2. Phew, I'm sure all of your equipment is happy to be flying at full-tilt again after its week of rest. :)

    The shawl is lovely!

  3. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one driving herself insane with multiple projects!! I love the shawl. I would love it still more if I could feel it......

  4. You remind me of a busy bee - always buzzing around doing this and that! LOL

    The scarf is beautiful.

  5. The shawl is beautiful! You are always so busy and have something to work on when you get finished or tired of one type of project.

  6. Wow! That shawl is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could touch it.

    You have an Harrisville Design loom, too! How wide is yours? Mine is the 24" wide one.

    You are a busily creative person, aren't you? ;)

  7. YOU are kind of busy yourself!!!!!
    Beautiful scarf.......love it.
    The blue circle you asked about is a cat scratching pad....there should be a ball in it...but my grandkids take them out and move them to parts unknown.

  8. I love that shawl! A shawl, socks and quilt -- perfect fall projects. I'm getting ready to start a quilt myself (and socks are already my favorite.) I just got Wendy's book from the library and I want to make everything in it! Yours look great!


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