Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gallivanting Conclusions

We arrrived in Cocoa Beach late this morning and out our balcony we could see a water rescue under way.  We never did hear what the rest of the story was......sorry.  The humidity and temperature were both high and so these pictures are hazy!  

The beach was a busy place, windsurfers, beach schooners, waverunners and fisherman.  We had a nice walk and enjoyed the sunshine and warm breezes. 

Nothing like a delicious feast, great friends, shared laughter and perfect weather!

The guys took some of the scraps from our dinner and fed the catfish in Banana River.
Here is a view of the results!  Crazy!  The guys finished off their day fishing; Becki and I went to the beach for girl-time until dark, went to the pool and just lounged; where the men caught up with us and we continued a great evening of conversation. 

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I woke up in time for the sunrise.  !  Take the time and savor this; sing the hymn with me...........When morning gilds the sky, my heart awakening cries, may Jesus Christ be praised.....It is a very special way to start the day.  (You can fast forward it if you are not patient..........)

After breakfast, we packed up and headed to the Farmer's Market,

then to a yarn shop and the many local shops in the historic downtown.

This is the yarn I bought, cotton boucle.  I am not sure what it will be yet.

 I spotted a woman with a large pink bag and asked her where she got it!  Yup, off we went to the shoe store where you hafta make a purchase to get a bag-Becki felt she needed to support me, so I have two!  Friends to the end!  See Nyki check  them out?  (I was so glad to see her when we got home-she was so excited to see us, too...........think group hug here!)

This is a treasure I have been looking for , for quite a while!  It is a printers type drawer which I will convert into a shell collection display case!  I was so excited to find this!  It is rather large, 2' x 3' so it will hold tons! 

We found some pretty engraved shell napkin rings............just the accent to go with some antique linen napkins I have!   
I also bought this sea urchin which is not my usual habit, I prefer to find my shells not buy them; but these are pretty fragile so when I saw this green one, well, I couldn't resist the purchase!
After our goodbyes, we headed north for home.  We saw a sale at a nursery not too far from home and thought we would stop.  We bought two of these plumbago plants and will be going back for more; this place was quite the find right in our own neighborhood!  Like Dorothy, I am feeling like....'there is no place like home'!


  1. Looks like a nice trip!!

    No comment on the fish!

    Love the pink bag.....glad shoe shopping was for a good cause!

    The shell display case is a great idea!! I spent a week on Marco Island once, and I have all the shells in a big glass vase (or jar?) with a lid. If I lived in Florida, I'd need a bigger display definitely!!



  2. You'll need more space than that for the plumbago! LOL Ours took over a good chunk of the garden!

  3. Lovely trip, lovely sunrise.

    I have a printer's drawer like that. I bought it in Michigan in1996 & it's stillin storage behine my antique stove, waiting to be brought into the house. I want to put my thimble collection on mine, but can't get at it until the stove is pulled out of the trailer that it's stored in! Frustrating!

  4. Your video of the fish makes me want to head back down to Coco Beach with a fishing pole in hand! Went there one year for Spring Break and absolutely loved the place:) One of these days, I'll have to post about my sea shell collection. Am waiting to find a nice display like yours first


  5. It's hard to know what to say in the comments when there are so many really cool things in the post! So glad you had such a great time...


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