Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cat Antics

The weather has let go of its heat grip and so we have been using our new screen door most of the day. 

Nyki learned to open it within minutes so we installed a lock.  For the most part she doesn't try to open it any more but does enjoy looking and listening to the outdoors.

Then the stray came to the front porch and she tried to coax him didn't work.  She even offered her mousie but to no avail. 

When she began to hurl herself against the door, I went to investigate.  Bling  has such an instigator streak in him!  I had removed the flowers from the stand because of wind, he had an worked.


  1. A live cat statue on a pedestal!! I love it!!!


  2. He's such a booger -- that picture captures his classic instigator-look perfectly!

  3. Too funny that you have to lock the cat INSIDE!

  4. Ah cats! They just have to find the highest point! For Tomodachi it's on top of the microwave {I use for dyeing] on the back verandah!


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