Monday, October 19, 2009


To cut up these bags and read these books....(How warm and fuzzy it is to get an unexpected package in the open it and find 3 new books and an assortment of plastic bags!!!  It speaks volumes of love!  Thanks, Mom.)

To finish the second sock;  I have one sock done and have turned the heel and am cranking out the top.

To finish the second quilt all loaded and on the frame with 3 rows done so far.  (Leaves and swirls in panto)

To begin cutting out a new quilt in cinnamon and browns.  (No, there is no pink in these fabrics.......!!!)

To weave several more tote bags from all the cut-up stash I have been accumulating.  I have found that if I keep the balls in this sleeve of a bag, Nyki won't unwind them all over the floor!  I have 2 dozen bag balls stuffed in here!

I love a stay at home Monday with all my goals for the week full of possibilities!


  1. Stay at home Mondays are a precious treasure! Glad you get to enjoy one today.

  2. No, no pink in that post at all.....I like the cinnamon and brown combo!!

    About how many plastic bags does it take to weave one of your totes? My weaving group is having a bag weaving party in January, so I'm just curious about how many bags I might need.

    That sock looks really comfortable and warm and pretty. Great combination!!


  3. You will probably be done with all of these projects and the books before Wednesday! :D I can't wait to see your PINK and Brown quilt. ;)

  4. To stay at home any day is precious! Have ag reat productive week!

  5. I love the cinnamon and brown colors! That will be a very pretty and cozy-looking quilt. Also, I love the socks!


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