Friday, August 5, 2011

Spontaneous Beach Visit

The morning brought a tv tech to our house-we have been without tv for over a week due to technical difficulties....('No, it is rarely the satellite dish on your roof that is the problem....") but the brains of our dish had been fried in these temperatures and needed to be replaced!  It was refreshing to have a technician who was smart, well mannered and personable!  After he left, the morning was shot so we packed up the beach goods and headed out!  Our first stop was for lunch at the South Beach Grill where we ate on the outside patio and saw beautiful waves and this guy fly over head!
 The waves were impressive and thoroughly enjoyed.  The inversion of the ocean water is still present-the water was very cold still for this time of year!  (I might be pool-spoiled, too!)
 We even saw our sky sailor again!
 Hopefully, the shrimp ship was successful.
 There were no clouds today, the breeze was straight from the ocean and was just perfect.
 We didn't drive onto the beach but walked from the parking area today, there were very few people on this end of the beach-just the way we like it!  (Near Matanzas River outlet)
 We found some nice shells-Bill gave one of the conch shells to the children next to us.
I played with a new pattern from WendyKnits ; and now I leave you sun kissed and fresh ocean breezes tired!


  1. Sounds like a delightful day and those shells are amazing! I don't usually find anything that large and still whole.

  2. Looks like a perfect beach day! I never get tired of seeing the sand and sky and waves...

  3. Any reason is a good reason for a day at the beach! Especially when we have to drive one and a half hours to get to one!

  4. looks like the only bearable spot in your climate right now:)) if I ever make it over the pond - I have to remember not to go south between may and september! how can you knit woolly mittens in this weather? though the fishies look adorable!

  5. Wow, beach-themed mittens - I guess you can look at them when the temps drop this winter and remember how the summer at the beach felt like.

    One day, i want to do what that flying man was doing. It looks so cool!


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