Monday, November 25, 2013

Zee Finish Line

Zipper stash.
 Zig Zag stitch.
 Zip drive for embroidery stitches.
 Both of these cats have them-so do you........
a beautiful example of Zygomatic bones!

(cheek bones!)


  1. You did it, A-Z! Bravo!

    Give the pretty kitties a rub for me.

  2. Oh, you missed xiphoid process for the x's Zygomatic bones are wonderful!! Your z's rock!

  3. Well done!! Sharon

  4. zick-zack and zipper I'd have, too, but I didn't know that cheek bones have this scientific name (didn't watch enough "bones" apparently:). I could of course find more Z's in german, quite a lot of tasty things start with Z there:) would that be cheating?

  5. Now that's thinking, Lincoln!! Way to go!!

  6. Zany! What will you do now you've finished the alphabet? Maybe you could do colours or numbers? LOL

  7. Wow! You finished the alphabet challenge! Woohoo! Congratulations! I quit near the end but it was fun.


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