Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Starts

 This is how I will wear the Geology Shawl when it is not so warm out.......soon I will be able to bring out my shawls again!
 I puttered on the Disappearing Pinwheel I learned to make at Mom's.  I have a pile of the 10" co-ordinating fabric blocks to turn into a quilt!  I have the bugs worked out of my system now so I will be able to make a block or two each day and will have the top pieced in a reasonable time!
 My neighbor brought over a quilt for the frame!  She is enjoying sewing time again.  Life does get in the way sometimes but she has been loving her sewing room time again and it shows-
 In fact, she brought over two quilts for quilting!  These are blocks that were started in her sister's stash and she is figuring out what to do to give them life!  I like that idea!  Isn't it great to tackle a conundrum and then solve it!
 I did get a dress done for Aria-I have had it cut out for a while now, it went together like a charm this morning!  I will send this off in the mail so it will get to her in time for her birthday!
Bruce and Marsel shared their Artisan Bread recipe and I have been using it to make dough for pizzas for Bill and I.  We are enthralled with the taste!  Delicious.

I make us supremes , deluxe-whatever you call it, hmmmm, it is wonderful!  Dinner is ready!


  1. That dress is just too cute!
    As for that pizza....YUMMO. If I wasn't full of Chinese food, I'd be raiding the kitchen. Mmmmm.....

  2. Lovely quilts, both finished and in-progress...I have been feeling the quilt-itch again and those add to it!

    Aria's dress is beautiful.

    I'm glad you like the pizza dough is certainly a highlight of each week for us and I'm glad you're enjoying it, too!

  3. I see lots of production there. You must be feeling better. I'm drooling over the pizza

  4. And before Aria gets too big to wear it. :)

    Beautiful quilts. I wish I had time to create more. Maybe I ought to give up sleeping... ;)

  5. With the variety of activities in your life, you could never be bored!


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